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If you are asking, "What exactly is ONE PIECE?" I have three words for you: Quality Pirate Manga. ^_^

Each volume's worth will have synopses by chapter, when I have the time to write it up. (volumes 1-19 are still incomplete.)

Warning: I will not be doing synopses for the anime (though, if you catch me with lots of spare time, I might pull out my old newtypes and translate their synops...)

* Volume One

* Volume Two

* Volume Three

* Volume Four

* Volume Five

* Volume Six

* Volume Seven

* Volume Eight

* Volume Nine

* Volume Ten

* Volume Eleven

* Volume Twelve

* Volume Thirteen

* Volume Fourteen

* Volume Fifteen

* Volume Sixteen

* Volume Seventeen

* Volume Eighteen

* Volume Nineteen

* Volume Twenty

* Volume Twenty-one

* Volume Twenty-two

* Volume Twenty-three

* episodes past all compilations

If you're dissatisfied with just synopses, head to the will of d... but yohko, the person in charge of the translations (who gives me translated lyrics, incidentally), is very whimsical... besides, there are other sites that you can get those from (in fact, I'm starting to get the feeling that more sites are fantranslations than comprehensive OP info as I stare at the english links list) so you don't need to harass her... she will put up whenever she feels like it. ^^;;

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