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Now, you are here looking for information on the anime. Since I have less access to the anime than the manga (obviously, as I live in the United States) some information may change at any time.

Also, note that there are two separate versions of anime; there is a one-shot 30-min film which was created as part of the Jump Super Anime Tour (hereafter cited as JSAT OVA), and then there is the ongoing TV series (and the movie that spawned off of it). The JSAT OVA was created by Production I.G. while the TV series and corresponding movies are created by Toei Animation.

This differentiation is very important, as the JSAT OVA was available via mail-order giveaway by Weekly Jump (read: buy Jump, collect ticket, send ticket and stamps, you get OVA tape), and no other means. As of today, the only way to find a copy of this OVA is by scouring places such as Mandarake for people who sold off their copies, or by internet auctions.

As for the TV series, it's currently on the air on the Fuji TV (CX) network in Japan, every Wednesday night at 7:00p.m. sharp. If you live in other parts of Japan, check your local listings (i.e. newspaper) for exact dates and times. Rental videos for the TV series are now available at your local Japanese video rental store - if the place you go to doesn't carry OP, ask for it; they're usually nice enough to order it for you to rent.

* More information about the JSAT OVA

* More information about the TV series & spinoff movies

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