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You, the websurfer, are free to link from your site to this site. I got hold of a domain that lets me do transfers, so if you're a new link-er, use the domain address ( to be a much happier person (and avoid the popup ads). The old transfer address ( still works as well, if you think that looks better. But, make sure to use one or the other because i might change the server (or directory) that this site is on without warning (like I did with this upgrade).
 If you use banners, take one home. I don't change banners often (and I never kill off banners), so I prefer you took them home than pasting the URL of my banners. However, the only banners I will make are the Japanese standard button-banners (200x40).

If you want an even smaller button, take reinselft's beautiful creation home with you:

Potential places to get OP (mainly in the USA)

This is where I find my OP stuffs (other than the rare occasion that I'm in Japan), and a few others that I know of. (though unfortunately, Animate doesn't have an page for their overseas locations... but it's a moot point because last time I was there, the LA Animate didn't sell OP merchandise for some reason......)
If you know more places (especially if they're online shops), lemme know! ^_^

Asahiya and Kinokuniya - the two basic Japanese bookstore series that serve overseas. Note that they both have CDs shipped by air, and you can also order DVDs from them. (thus, rika gets her OP CD/DVDs at the Asahiya in Torrance. ^^)
Sasuga Bookstore - a bookstore on the East Coast that ships anywhere in the world.
Acclimate Solution - used and new books, as well as some translations at a cost.
CD japan - a good place to get CDs and DVDs shipped to you directly from Japan. (A great place when you want to find an old CD single!)
Hyper Game Action - the torrance store is one of rika's weekend hangouts as well as the source of all OP console games. (I can preorder, woowoo!)
National Console Support - an import game shop in NY, they update their site weekly.
Tronix - another game shop in NY, they do imports and domestics.
Mandarake LA - rika's default goods shop (though used), but they also have used manga/doujinshi. (It helps that it's right across the hallway from my default Asa...)
Wizzywig Collectibles - An anime-goods store that carries OP goods. They also have an online shop that lets you preorder!
Animaxis - another good place to get goods... they're the silly people who didn't realize "fxxk" wasn't a good word to put on their free tote bags....
OP manga page on AnimeNation - they seem a wee bit pricey for me but if it works, it works...

OP on best anime - sound/visual clips to download
OP on anime intro archive - clips of OPs and EDs

all the English OP sites rika could find

They are slowly increasing in number (though most of them are still fantranslations or fansubs).......
Please tell me via e-mail or by the site webboards if you know of (or even better yet, run) a OP site (hopefully with some content other than translations or a simple review? Pretty please?) so I can add you to this list!

all blue - the first english sanji shrine!!
rufiangel's onepiece page - fics, gallery, etc
run! run! run?! - a wacky personal/OP site
buggy vision - Buggy shrine, among other things ^_^
rum, buggery, and the lash - it's strange, but it's great!
stretchy - adopt OP sprites here!
Pirates Cove - Pirates Counsel and other fun stuff.
Vee's One Piece Homepage - characters, volume synops, translations
Ardith's One Piece page - so far just a review
a review on the Anime Colony
rika's review on EX (back when vol.6 was new)
One Piece segment on Japanese Manga Translations
pai's house of manga - there's an OP review here.
new york anime exchange - working on a fansub??
captain pixi's OP translated manga page - so far, scantranslations for vol.2
shogun anime - they have OP fansubbers, but you must pay the price of sponsorship... or just go to hitokiri's fansub haven to get the tapes...
anime nakama - another OP fansubber.
manga screener - a site with scantranslations
we are!! - a fellow OP site.
untitled - a conan / op fantrans site
pearl kingdom - an eng/thai cg site
hanh's site - another page! woo!
Luffy Pirates - a site by Luffy1Piece
MangaDownloads (OP) - another scanlation site
One Piece!!! - a site that amazes me on how similar different translators' works can be, among other things...
3Blades - a Zoro shrine!
artistic stuff - a wallpaper site (including OP wallpapers)
Flame Devil Cut - OP site centering on Zoro.
OP Mail - if you need a free webmail account...
Sticky Bubble - fanartist mai's personal site (with OP fanart and stuff)
Wanted! - all fansites of ongoing series are in eternal construction... ^^;;

Everything English that's OP on yahoo!

I think these are all of them... if there are more, let me know.
though I must say that I am AMAZED at how many people make a new OP mailing list w/o looking for existing ones... ^^;;

GrandLine - rika's one piece mailing list (and the oldest on y!g)
OnePieceNami/Luefy - another good one piece mailing list
King of Pirates - third opml (closed)
One Piece Fan Group - fourth opml
One Piece Group - fifth opml
S-Restaurant - opml in thai
Nami's One Piece RPG - the first yahoo rpg
One Piece X RPG - homepage for a second yahoo rpg
Grand Line RPG - a third rpg
One Piece Forever - a general communication club-turned-ML

rika's default Japanese OP sites and then some

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to OP websites in Japanese. However, due to the volatile nature of the 'net, many (read: dozens) of OP sites come and go every week. So, I will be listing the places that I usually start my OP-related net-surfing... my net-friends and my favorites. If you're curious, going through these sites' link lists or doing the random OP webring member will do you much good ^^
The other reason why I decided to do a "selected" site links unlike the original plan to go for every OP link out there is because there are roughly 1,000 Japanese OP sites out there, and I rather spend time writing synops and making the char profiles / glossary....
also, the "and then some" refer to the sites from which I pilfered icons and whatnot. (I only pilfer from "go ahead, take them, but I would appreciate feedback" sites...)

Akuma no Mi wo Sodateru Kai - a great parody site
Sanzen Sekai - the original zoro-lovers' site
Wild Blue - LOTS of Sanji!
Duo Brand - one of my fave doujin authors.
Haraheri Mambo - another fave doujin author.
scissors - simple design, great content.
Love Love ONE PIECE! - a huge comprehensive site
unknown zone - a nicely done site. rika pilfered icons for the bbs.
ibushi-gin daro!? - one of the oldest; lately there's NARUTO contents, too.
Let's ONE PIECE! - one of the biggest fan sites
Pirates' Road - great info kiosk
One Piece Webring - almost every jpns OP site (beware, many are yaoi)

Sites of Japanese visitors

Once in a while, I get visitors from the jpns-speaking realm. If they leave a footprint, and it happens to be a page with OP stuff in it, I'll introduce them here.

misosuppe - miso's site
wakatake - yami's site
scatola vuota - yuu nikaido's site
Far East Blue Network - yahsan's goods inforation site
Odoru Panda Seijin - aria's site, not just OP
chateau delacure - tatsumi's mihawk-only site
eutopia - haruhi kasuga's OP/manga site
md happening - kuri's site
arlong park - pepsi's mermen-centric site
baratie - aki's OP online gaming site
One Piece World - asari's site
One Piece Music Lab - kana's extensive OP anime bgm database site

OP sites in other languages

If you know any non-English, non-Japanese sites, tell me! ^_^s

One Pieces - an italian opml on yahoogroups
pirate lovers! - a chinese nami+sanji site - a german comprehensive site
thai one piece - a comprehensive site all in thai!
baroque works online - it seems to be a thai info site..?
S-Restaurant - another thai OP site... OP must be popular all over Asia ^_^
www.OnePiece.Fr.St - a french comprehensive site with tons of dl's - a second french site

rika's miscellaneous research

this list will grow slowly... it's mostly reference for me...

Pirates! - arrrrrrr.
sougou ryouri daihyakka - jpns encyclopedia for culinary terms. rika's research spot for sanji's attack names.
travlang's Translating Dictionaries - for when there are those words in French/Italian/Spanish/etc that I can't remember off the top of my head.
Martindale's Reference Desk: Language Center - another language look-up site.
The Pirate's Library - they sell really good pirate reference books.
Map Collections Home Page - entrance map was swiped from here.
Oddens bookmarks - another starting point if you're looking for maps.
Dictionary of Egyptian Mythology - good things to know in the Alabasta arc.
Eng-Egpt Dictionary & Hieroglyphic Dictionary - more language references for the Alabasta arc.
What's My Pirate Name? - this is just for fun.

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