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The following is a list of terms -- places, things, creatures, weapons, and attack names -- that appear in ONE PIECE in any way, shape, or form. However, none of the characters are described here. You will have to look at the characters section for information on them.
All terms include a "kana writeout" (which lets you get the hiragana/katakana of that term if you input it exactly as written on your IME such as Kotoeri for the Mac, and MS Global IME for Windows) when necessary -- if the term is in English, or if the romanization will provide the correct kana, the writeout will be omitted.
So far, I only have terms up to vol.8.... I'm working on the rest while all of ye have winter vacation. ^^;;
The main entry is in the translated form of the term, though I have added cross-references from the original jpns terms.

The definitions herein have all information that have been disclosed, and will contain spoilers (some of which will go all the way to the latest installment in Weekly Jump at the time of the last update). Therefore, I strongly suggest that you to not read the definitions until you actually come across the term in your reading.

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(Since there are so many terms, I wanted a little warning page.)

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