if you get a "congrats!" instead of a "thanks!" up above, I'll draw you any one OP char... that is, if you want me to draw you fanart. (if you don't want fanart, you can always ask for a short fanfic as well... ^^;;) (btw, this is what you call a "kiri-ban/zoro-ban request" which is a popular thing on jpns fanart sites...) if you're that lucky person, lemme know via one of the boards or via e-mail.

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7/3/02 - Nami's birthday!
6/28/02 - the second GBC game, "Adventure Log on the Phantasmic Grand Line" will be released!

5/5/02 - Luffy's birthday!
5/2/02 - piece.2 of the for-sale 2nd season dvds is out!
4/4/02 - manga volume 23 is out: alabasta arc officially ends!
4/3/02 - the second season for the for-sale dvd's starts!
4/1/02 - Usopp's birthday!
3/20/02 - the game GRANDBATTLE!2 and the last of the 1st season anime dvd's are out!

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