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Currently, there are 23 volumes of manga to enjoy in the original Japanese language. Furthermore, overseas sources have pointed me out towards various international versions. If you have information on how I can find these and other overseas volumes, please drop me a line, as I would like to own OP in every language available! ^_^

Due to language and locational restrictions, all versions other than Japanese may be horribly outdated. If you can help in the updating of various international versions, I'm all ears.

* original Japanese version
   vol. 1-10 / vol.11-20
   vol. 21+

* Chinese versions [Hong Kong / Singapore / Taiwan]
    (seeking info on the thinner HK version)

* French version

* German version

* Italian version

* Korean version

* Malay version

* Spanish version: no real info, but you can buy them...

* Thai version

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