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In Japan, the term "doujin" refers to all the fanfic writers and fanartists... or better yet, the people who draw fan-manga. Note that fantranslators aren't included, because, well, there really is no need for fantranslators, are there? ^_^;;

Here, I have put up a library of fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, and all that fun stuff that fans all over the world can enjoy. If you have something to submit (other than scans / screencaps, I don't want Oda-sensei or any of the companies to sue my ass off in case they drop by) please drop something off (granted it is a reasonable size) at either the fanart/cosplay contribution board or the fanfiction/lyric contribution board. (Unfortunately, you need NN4 or IE4 to be able to see and contribute to the fanart board, due to limitations of the perl script.) When I see submissions to either, I will pick it up, put it into the appropriate section, then purge the board (to keep myself from hogging too much web space).

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* fan illustrations

* cosplay

* music lyrics

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