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I'm the admin for a ONE PIECE mailing list called GrandLine on Yahoo! Groups - it's the oldest of the OPMLs as it's been going from the OneList days (i.e. before OneList got taken over by eGroups which got taken over by Yahoo!)....
Anyone from any location is welcome to join, as long as they have a good understanding of English. ^_^
Informants from Japan are especially welcome, as the admin loves spoilers and being able to talk about the latest goings-on in Jump. (Anime spoiler discussions are also allowed, though I tend to stay quiet on those... ^^;;)
FYI, this list serves as a way for you to get the manga synopses you see on this site via your e-mail: if you subscribe to GrandLine under the "Special Announcements Only" option, you will receive only my (hopefully weekly) synopsis posts.

There are three (yes, THREE) other OPMLs on Yahoo! Groups. (woowoo!)
Feel free to join and make merry discussions on the other mailing lists (OnePieceNami / One Piece Group / One Piece Fan Group) as well, though I have nothing to do with them (other than being a lurking member of them)!

dp3 webboards...

Feel free to read and write into the webboards. They're here for you to communicate as well as leave your footprints.
Currently, there are four main English boards running (off of one script):
(Note: I haven't disabled Japanese text on the boards, so your browser might ask you to install Japanese support or give you garbled up characters every so often. Sorry about that - but then, since it's more fun to visit jpns fansites in the way they were meant to be, you should add Japanese text support on your MSIE anyway.... )

Also, I reserve the right to physically "relocate" a post if I feel it doesn't belong on the board that it was written in. You have been warned... choose your board wisely. =)

footprints << footprints >> is a board for first-time visitors to say hello to fellow OP fans. This one really isn't for discussion, though.

<<general discussion >> is the normal board where you can talk about stuff like who are your favorite characters and whatnot... but no spoilers of any sort are allowed. Also, leave the default site feedback on this board (and thanks in advance for them).

<<thoughts / reactions >> is the spoilers board, where you can talk about anything up to and including the latest episode in Weekly Jump, or even the latest television episodes (although granted, I won't be able to answer many questions regarding the TV series...).
Read this board at your own risk.

<<announcements >> this is the everything else board. make a shameless plug to your website (as long as it is for all ages)... ask general questions about other WJ series... asking questions about jpns text that involve you typing in SJIS... anything else that you want to write about that isn't about OP can be here.

For those of you that can type in 8-bit SJIS, I have a Japanese webboard. But please, NO English on this board, as a lot of jpns fans tend to be scared off by English text....
(Thus, any English posts posted here as of 12/18/01 will be mercilessly slautered into the dev/null electrons of cyberspace... you have been warned.)

And while I wasn't looking, it seems dreambook went out of business (or was hit by a virus) -- and since I won't be using it anyway, peruse through the archive of The Logue-Town Log Book, a remastered version of what was the DP1-2 dreambook.

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