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Apricot Systematic is a control division of Scanner Services, under Rigellian auspices. Where did this name come from? Read the story if you are curious. For the even more curious here is the current setup of Apricot Systematic.

Apricot Systematic is an attempt at more of a direction for ideas than a coherent organization to implement those ideas. We give people whom we work with, and those who are simply interested in our philosophies a way to see our goals, participate in them, and hopefully benefit from them.

We are bemused and saddened at the curious inconvenience that our unfinished pages may give you.


What are our goals? In the broadest sense Apricot Systematic is devoted towards communication, human communication. We believe that machines are simply a form of mirror or lens that people can use between themselves and on themselves. Every program, every machine, no matter how abstract, arcane, or seemingly removed from the common nature of human existence was created to serve as a conduit for human interaction. Even if it is an old archaic COBOL program written to count the number of checks written on a bank in a month it shares this purpose.

We are here to explore communication with a focus towards how computers are used as a medium of communication. Please browse our pages and think about our philosophy (unfortunately the meat of the discussion is not yet online in a web-browsable format.)

Current Hot Items

Certain issues or things that we may consider interesting, important, or fanciful and frequently biased will show up here. Our goal is to keep this list relatively short and recent.

The Communications Decency
Have you ever had a cop inside your computer? You will...
EFF Alerts
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a list of alerts that people should at least be aware of. Check this out at least once if you have not already.
Let it be known that Apricot Systematic supports free speech and opposes censorship of cyberspace.

Suggestions for things to put on our hot list, changes to its format and such can be sent to

Branching Out

The Apricot Systematic pages try to follow some sense of hiearchy at the upper most levels so that browsers on their first exposures to these pages can follow some path that may interest them. The idea is that as these pages evolve and gather more material they will become more heavily interlinked at the lower levels.

In order to give you, the reader, some sort of structure to start with, here are some branching points where you can either delve further in what Apricot Systematic is trying to provide, some local color that surrounds the people that have made up Apricot Sysetmatic, or some of the sources of inspiration and support that have shaped and been shaped by Apricot Systematic.

Apricot Systematic is founded by a set of philosophies. Here you can find a syllabus and abstract of these philosophies. The details of the beliefs, desires, and thoughts will grow as you explore these pages (and as they are actually written, which to a great extent at this time they are not.)
The various projects that Apricot Systematic is trying to get off the ground, or actually working on.
Related Organizations
Links to organizations that somehow share our views, and with whom we may have worked in some capacity or another.
Written by us and people with us.
Flavorful Links
Links that we have found that we liked for one set of reasons or another.
Scanner Cinema
A home theatre, or a way of socializing with our friends, a chain of anime clubs?
Food Stuffs
One of our bonding forces has been the enjoyment of good company, and food has served as a substrate for our sense of community.
The Hardware Setup of Apricot Systematic
The hardware base of Apricot Systematic is attempting to be rather diverse so that we can test and support our projects on several platforms.
Where the Name Came From
Where did we ever come up with the name Apricot Systematic?

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