What is Scanner Cinema?

Scanner Cinema is the name we have for a kind of home theatre. To know what Scanner Cinema is one has to know where it came from, or rather how it evolved. Its history is its answer.

How Many Are There?

People who have been around our sphere of acquaintances may have noticed that there seems to be more than one Scanner Cinema. This is indeed true. The first branch was created by Mark 'Emmo' Chadwick, Scanner Cinema West which is in Los Angeles. The second branch came about because another previous Cinemaite saw references to Emmo's site. Greg Vilardi petitioned, and we saw no reason to deny him a site as well, so that is Scanner Cinema South East.

Here is the current list of other sites of Scanner Cinema.

There is something funny about the above list, actually. Current Scanner Cinema West is actualy South West of Scanner Cinema South West. Go figure.

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