What is there to say about food? Well at this time we are left rather speechless on this topic. We can say, though, that we believe in several different food groups. To give you an idea, here they are:
Now with a categorization like Food Groups this implies there may be certain guidelines for often and in what form someone should partake of each of these groups. Well, Apricot Systematic way of doing such is a bit different.

For instance, one should have a member of the chocolate family probably once every three days at least.

The sushi family is more intense, but in some ways more necessary. One can extend the duration for sushi-indulgement to at least once every two weeks, although people have been known to live very nicely on almost a continual sushi diet.

The meat class is something we have to defer to the Clan of Meat..And Fire for its proper dosage.

It is also extremely important to note that although a good selection is nice, it is more than fitting for people to specialize, or even exclude entirely certain food groups. This lends to our nature, as it were.

With all of these food groups, we do like to keep a list of our favorite recipes around. Eventually this list, when it becomes large enough, will be broken up in to a set of categories each with their own pages, but for now reflecting the nascent state of this web hiearchy we will just list them directly here:
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