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The Apricot Systematic logo was designed by John "furrball" Yung after much harassment. The harrassment took many forms, but the most prominent was the image we used as our 'logo' image until the one you see above was completed. The image was this one:

Click on the image to find out what the whole picture looked like.

Actually, the logo designed by Pomru looks like what is shown below. The one you see above was colored by Peter 'Peto' Lin.

Click on the image to see the full sized logo.

Pomru has promised us his colorized version of the log, plus some variatons on it. We eagearly await these other versions based on the design he has come up with.

In case you are wondering what the inspiration for the kind of design this logo has been influence by you may recognize it (then again you may not) as looking similar to the work of Brian Froud. Brian Froud is the person who came up with the universe and drew the accompanying art that was used in the movie The Dark Crystal. The Dark Crystal is a movie, for those not familiar with it, where the characters are all puppets, ala the Jim Henson of The Muppets fame. We liked the artwork sufficiently to ask Pomru to consider it in basing his design off of it.

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