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Cooperative Fictions and Sundry Stories

Cooperative fictions are stories much like shared worlds in common fiction. In a shared world setting several authors agree to a world setting, characters, environment and such. The authors then write stories in parallel that occur in this world. The stories may be time-wise distinct, they may follow a common thread, etc. But they frequently each work on their own little story separately.

In a cooperative fiction much of the same basis exists. Several authors agree to a world, setting, characters, environment and the like. Instead of writing independent stories, though, they write a single story together. Frequently in the cooperative fictions you will find here there is a very strong element of role playing. An author will tend to identify with, design, and write specific characters. Other authors will tend to write the characters they created. Some swapping does occur from time to time depending on the chapter or episode involved but the impetus for how a character acts in a situation is determined by that character's creator.

The Stories

A number of people who have, in one way or another, been associated with Apricot Systematic have worked on several such cooperative fictions. Here are some of them:
Bar Trek
Join the wild and swinging crew in the search for the Ultimate Party Planet. More fun was probably had in writing these misadventures than you may have in reading them, and yes Star Trek stories and parodies are a dime a dozen. Oh well, no one says you have to like this or even read it.
When Bar Trek was well established, but before it had wound down many of us thought it might be fun to strike off on a slightly more original venture. Thus came Ikibomot. This deals with the life and times of several very interesting high school students at a rather interesting private high school in the not too distant future. Or something.
Those Teenagers from Outer Space
Some of you may be familiar with the rather wacky role playing game called Teenagers from Outer Space or TFOS. We videotaped some of our TFOS episodes and after much painful transcription here some of them are.

Hopefully there will be more such work in the future, and we are sorry for the works that you tried to read but could not find. If you are interested in finding out more about this stuff, please do not hesitate to contact us. For now, you will have to send email to Eventually we will have a more coherent mailing list you can use.

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