The Ikibomot High Stories

After participating in the Bar Trek stories several of the authors wanted to try a new story with a more original, well, somewhat more original universe. All of us were fans of anime to some extent or other. In particular we all had a softness for Urusei Yatsura. Some of you may know that the town in which most of the crazy events that happened in Urusei Yatsura occurred in a town called Tomobiki-chou. That is where the name Ikibomot came from. Tomobiki spelled backwards. Okay, okay so it is rather silly.

The Setting

Ikibomot High is a high school in the dreamy little town of Wickham on the Eastern side of Massachusetts. It is a school for talented or somehow unordinary students. They come from all over the world. Jiro, is from Japan, for instance. Markus Kessel is from Germany, and Steve is from the US. Sanders is from.. well, he seems to be from the US.

The story begins with the start of a new school year. All the old students returning from their summer vacations either with expectant hopes or with the final sigh of life before school settles on to them like a link of heavy chain. All the new students wondering just what they have gotten themselves in to, or hoping to find an escape from what they have just gotten themselves out of. Ikibomot is many of these things and more. Will they disrupt the alien monitoring station? Will Kessel ever find out what makes Sanders' car run? Will the mystery of the blue coke cans ever be solved? Find out! Well, find out after we start writing more of the damned story.

The Characters

In no particular order here are the main players, and their creators who are mostly responsible for their actions and reactions:

Henry, an entering freshman in to Ikibomot. A harried youngster who hopes to escape his current life, but views his future with a rather heavy amount of cynicism that it could actually be fun. This character was created by Zed.
A somewhat confused student from Japan. This character was created by Spidey.
This character was created by Jimcat.
This character was created by Zed, at least we think it was.
A rather unusual character. He tends to act normal, but things around him tends to be slightly out of kilter. Sanders says that he grew up in the USA, but various people have their doubts. You never can tell at Ikibomot. This character was createc by Scanner.
Kessel's best friend. This character was also created by Jimcat.
She has the most amazing luck at times. Pomru, her creator will have to explain her to us.
Terri Maxon
A rather normal seeming person.. except we are not sure where she is from. This is another character created by Jimcat.
Laurie Five
Individually she would seem normal, but with all five of her around one gets confused about who they are talking with. This is another of Scanner's characters.

The Organization of the Story

The basic pattern of how the story is organized is that of a traditional book. There will be pages which give cross sections or detail certain parts of the story: sidebars in other words. There may be pages in the future which let you look up certain words or places whereever they may occur in the story: an index. That will come later when there is actually more story and the database system to warrant it.

This top level page has links to the top level chapters or stories. Each of the chapters has links at the finer detail level.

The Ikibomot High Stories

  1. The School Year Begins

We are sorry that we only have a bare start on the first story of the series. Hopefully we will all do something about this relatively soon. Unfortunately with the way we have gone about this in the past this may take a while. Feel free to kick us via email to to get us moving on this story.
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