Setup and Six Flags - Day 3 (1998.05.26)

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On the third day other SegaSoft employees started showing up. Also, we again had finished all of our work pretty early and had little else to do so we took a side trip to the nearby Six Flags amusement park.

Phil, Larry, and Vince Here we see some of the Nexus folks setting up two machines for running their new build of Vigilance. Phil seems especially pleased with how things look.
This is also when Charles Eads of PostLinear fame arrived on the scene to begin checking the setup on the 10six machines. 10six setup
Jennifer behind the desk Jennifer at the 2nd line of defenese desk whilst Jeff in the background putters around with something.
From behind the 1st line of defense desk we look out in to the HEAT ring of the SegaSoft booth. In the foreground to our left we can see two of the Art Guild members. Inside out
Jeff folding heat boxes Here we see Jeff showing a security guard the finer subtleties of how to quickly and efficiently fold several thousand HEAT boxes from their flat form to the finished product you can see stacked up behind them.
Here we see Peto making sure this machine inside the HEAT ring functions properly when you are trying to blaster-kill everyone in Quake 2. We believe that Peto reported a number of successes with blaster-only kills against better armed and armored opponents. Peto and his blaster
up and out Finally we make a quick break for lunch. We have no images of where we ate lunch several times but for the curious we went over to the CNN center and had lunch at "Jock and Jill's" sports bar several times. The food here was quite good and the unsweetened ice tea was quite popular. Well, popular with pretty much everyone except for Kaylin, who is weird anyways.
My people!

Here we get to see Larry expressing himself as we all head up the 2nd level of escalators. This group of folks included the setup people, Jessica from MPATH again, the Nexus people and PostLinear people.

The next day Peto, Lamont, Jessica, and I decided to go to the "Reggie's British pub" that was in the CNN center near "Jock and Jill's" but we have to say the experience there was far less than stellar and we would have been better suited going to "Jock and Jill's" again.

Heeey... wait a second... this does not look like the Georgia World Congress Center. My, you are observant. Yeah, on Tuesday after we had done what little set up we thought we had left to do some of us had been wanting to travel to the nearby Six Flags and get in a little recreation time. We had been told that the Six Flags would be open until 11pm but when we got there at around 5pm we found that it was going to close at 8pm. We only had three hours to make the most of our trip out to this place.

Luckily, we are as efficient as determining what course to take through an amusement park when time is tight as we are at setting up forty some odd pc's in two days and we made the most of our time hitting six roller coasters.

the six flags crew
First coaster of the day Ah, the first coaster of the day! Good thing you can not see it. This was a rather rickety wooden roller coaster that took us for several bumps. It was fun though.

This roller coaster is called the Viper. At the Six Flags up here in the SFBA the equivalent is called "The Tidal Wave." All of went on it once. The people whose stomaches were in better shape went on it again.

This photo is from the second trip on The Viper. If you look very closely the last car contains Lamont and Jessica.

The Viper
And here the intrepid double-timers return from their second ride on The Viper. You can see that they are truly working hard for the company on this trip. The Viper Double Timers>
The Great American Scream Here Lamont and Jessica are standing in line for the number one seat on the Great American Scream roller coaster. Peto and Scanner traded places with them shortly after this image was taken because they had to be back upstairs in time for their swing ride which we will be getting to in a couple of frames.
Finishing the scream ride And here are our intrepid explorers Lamont, Ted, and Jessica returning from what turned out to be the bumpiest roller coaster on the field. This roller coaster has no ups and overs. It is one very long "L" shaped coaster with a bunch of humps. It is, as mentioned above, extremely rough and bumpy. I suspect Peto got the bruise on his leg from this coaster.

Okay, so here is probably the high point of Ted, Jessica, and Lamont's Six Flags Over Georgia Experience. They have this ride at Six Flags here in the SFBA, and they also have it at Six Flags Magic Mountain down near LA. It may be universal at all Six Flags by now.

The ride is quite simple. It is just a huge swing on which they can strap up to three individuals.

The next sequence of six photos show Lamont, Ted, and Jessica, after paying their dues getting strapped in to the swing harness and raised way way way above ground. Lamont on the left side is the one who had the rip cord you are supposed to pull to release you.

Luckily we were able to snap several shots of these people of daring do before they were finally brought down to earth. Just think what would have happend to MPATH and SegaSoft if that cable had snapped?

approaching the bucket The bucket closes
Raise the bucket! Surprise! You are now horizontal
Up they go WAY up they go
A new understanding of the word perigee And here they are reaching the bottom of their first swing. They get a lot more excited as they reach the top of this swing.
oh boy Here they are ramping up for their second swing up. You can tell that at least ted is thoroughly enjoying it, even if it looks like he has his eyes shut and has locked his face in to a fierce grin. Lamont has to be sucking bugs in and loving it. Unfortunately with Ted's meaty arm blocking Jessica's face we do not get to see what her emotional state is at this time.
Up and loving it back down, but still loving it

Here the top most point of their swing has been reduced greatly and they are just sort of mildly swishing around now. The ride does let you down gently, we have to say.

At the end of the ride when our adventurers return to the Earth Lamont is ecstatic, Ted can only give a thumbs up.

slowing down
back to earth jubilant heroes
Ah, back to the more mundane - Jessica and Lamont calmly await their turn on "Batman, The Ride." Waiting in line
Waiting for the funnel cake experience Here Ted, Peto and Lamont calmly await the horror of the funnel-cake experience unawares of what is in store for them.
And here Lamont is a couple of minutes later... still calmly waiting for the funnel-cakes to arrive. If only he knew what they would be like. Lamont - waiting calmly
the funnel cakes arrive Finally they arrive! It seems that there was a big rush to get funnel cakes right before the park closed. It also seems that the funnel cake cooks were anxious to use up all the batter they had so our cakes were much larger than usual.
Dig in everyone! Enjoy what you can while you can! Actually, they were not that bad. There was just a lot of them, we were hot, and thirsty and had nothing to drink. enjoying our cakes
The last marta bus MARTA - we came to enjoy that service greatly. Here we are on the last bus back to the Marta train station throughly convincing ourselves that today had been a good day, even though we were only at Six Flags for about three hours.
After a day like that would could we do for supper? Lamont had never been to a benihana before and there was one right by the hotel, and it was even open long enough for us to get seated. So, we went there. Lamont got to enjoy his second day of scallops. Benihana

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