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The character profiles, glossary, and past synopses are still under construction. They will all be completed as I find time (which is fleeting nowadays). Please bear with me until then! ^^;;

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I know I don't have any scans other than package fronts. I, being a jpns fan, am one to believe scans aren't really worth my time. I mean, I would like to show my love by drawing and not pilfering Oda-cchi's art... (that and the fact that I don't want Shueisha et al. to come after my ass...) -- so if you want scans, feel free to go to the other English OP sites from the links page but please don't bother me for manga/artbook/anime/etc scans/screencaps. ^^;
As for the package front scans, if I ever get a complaint, I'll take them down. You have been warned. ^^;;

Thanks to all the people who joined the OP International Ring.... but I got sick of waiting for yahoo! to transfer the data to the new (or rather, old) WebRing (side note: it transferred automatically after all those attempts), so I just created a new OP webring and gave it a cooler name this time ^^;;
So, if you were a member, or wanted to be, come join the new ring....

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Also, something about fanart while I'm at it: jpns fanartists are very (lemme repeat that, VERY) sensitive about other sites using their stuff (unless it's a gift for that particular site or from a "feel free to pilfer and use on your site" materials page)... for more about that, read what a collective of such jpns fanartists have to say over at Online Fanarts Protection, as they have stated their case in plain English that even idiots can (hopefully) understand. I wholeheartely agree with them, and support them all the way. I hope you will, too.



もし、リンクを張る場合は転送アドの http://onepiece.baratie.com/ のみにお願いします。(移転した時に迷惑かけたくないので。)

  翻訳エンジンも全然アテになりません。何箇所か試してみましたが、満足行く結果が出るのはありませんでした。 だから、サムネイル程度の違反をネットでされてもしょうがない状況を日本の企業は作っている、とボクは思っています。
  もし企業の方がこれを読んでいるのならば一言言いたいです。 「全般的に海外サイトでのパケ画像取り込みが嫌でしたら商品/作品紹介の英語版をちゃんと作って下さい」と。


4)相互リンクサイトから来たのにこっちからのリンクがない場合は速攻カキコして下さい。 (リンク集を作り直した時にどこが相互か忘れたアホなボク…)



The map used above: A map of America, by Diego Gutiérez in 1562: Americae sive quartae orbis partis nova et exactissima descriptio (Americae sive qvartae orbis partis nova et exactissima descriptio / avtore Diego Gvtiero Philippi Regis Hisp. etc. Cosmographo; Hiero. Cock excvde 1562; Hieronymus Cock excude cum gratia et priuilegio 1562.)
Taken from the the "Discovery and Exploration" section of The Library of Congress Map Collections: 1544 - 1999.