Emerson's Niche

So, you want to know who this Emerson guy is, do you?

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss...)

Well, he's not Emerson College, that sits on a hill,
nor is he CEO of Emerson Electronic Motion Controls, so he won't send you a bill.
He is not Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote poems so well,
nor is he Kathy Lynn Emerson, who can be found in html.
He does not own the Nancy Emerson School of Surfing, which is not free,
And while he might wish he was, he is not Emerson Fittipaldi.
So, should you listen to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer while you're alone,
You'll find he's not there, nor is he in the Emerson Zone.

Okay, so now I know who he ISN'T.
Can I now find out who he IS??

Oh, very well. Emerson is also known as Mark Chadwick, this being the name that most government entities, financial institutions, and folks who don't know him terribly well want to call him. To a very few, he is also known as Badger, but that is another story.

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