This is, I guess, what would be called the 'real me,' if such a thing were truly to exist. But, as Peter Sellers once said, "There is no real me. I had it surgicaly removed."


I work at the The University of Arizona (the capital "T" on the The is important, trust me). I am a Research Communication Specialist who works for the Vice President for Research doing things like database management, HTML, and lots of software-related stuff (Including such exciting problems as "How do I make something bold in Lotus?").

Interests That Take Up So Much Time They Border on Being Called Work

Anime is a particularly insidious hobby that takes up a fair amount of both my time and money. On my recent trip to Japan, my friends would have sworn that I went nuts with my purchases. Of course, a lot of the stuff I bought was for other people, so I didn't feel too bad. Still, being an anime fan requires a certain level of dedication (and insanity).

I am the Publisher/Editor in Chief of EX: The Online World of Anime and Manga, which is an online magazine devoted to--yup, you guessed it--anime and manga.

I also served as the Senior Editor for AMPlus, which was also an online anime magazine, but disintigrated for various (mostly internal) reasons.

(real logo pending...)
I'm also entering my sixth year as a member of the Anime Expo staff. This year, I'm Director of At-Convention Operations. Pray for me.

Other Interests

When not involved in another attempt to take over the world, I like to relax by cooking, or watching television, though I don't watch nearly as much TV as I used to. Current faves include: Murphy Brown (always!),The X-Files, and of course, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The only other show I really watch is F*R*I*E*N*D*S

My more esoteric tastes include British TV, including Red Dwarf and the outrageously funny Absolutely Fabulous, and of course the wide world of anime.

People I Know

(Both Real and Imaginary)

It is said that one can tell a lot about another person by the company he keeps. Judging from the list below, I think it's time I booked into the Betty Ford Clinic.

"We each have our lives to live, our own roads to walk to our individual destinies. Friends--and lovers--may walk by our side, but ultimately the journey is made alone." --Storm, Uncanny X-Men #182

Life may be a journey, but it's definitely more fun when people are along for the ride. These are some of the people with whom I have carpooled along the Great Journey of Life. Nicknames in parentheses are IRC handles. You can find most of them on the #anime! channel at almost any given time. Perhaps by learning about my friends, you will come to understand me better, or more probably, pity me.

In no particular order, they are:

Mike Tatsugawa ('Shogun' and 'DrkAngel'): A longtime friend, Mike (and BEAR) have stood by me during some of the rougher patches of my life. (OK, they were more like granite quarries than 'rough patches'...)He's been a good friend and a good listener, but not always both at the same time.

Mark 'Emerson' Chadwick: Emmo is almost as sarcastic as I am--almost. He's much more surly, though, which sometimes gives him the upper hand. Now that he has Erika though, he's losing his edge. Still, no matter how tired or angry we are, we can always make each other laugh--usually at someone else's expense.

Eric 'Scanner' Luce (Just Call him Scanner): The Founder of Scanner Cinemas and a good friend, his good humor and generosity make him a pleasure to be around. (That and the fact that he'll help me gang up on Emmo...)

Richard 'Nightwing' Tse-Woon Paw: While I've known Rich for a while now, it's only recently that I've really started to get to know what kind of person he is. He's a lot of fun to talk to. But you'd better laugh at his jokes--he's got a black belt and a big staff.

Peti 'KOR' Arunamata: Pretty quiet until you get to know him, then you wish he would be! (Just kidding!!) Another one of the crew that keep me entertained.

Pete 'No Cool Nickname' Cahill: One of my (few remaining) friends from college. I can always count on him to accompany me to the arcade to beat stuff up.

John 'Pomru' Yung: Want a laugh? Just walk up to him and say, "Hi John!" Artist extraordinaire, that's our Pomru. He's also the character designer for the Prisoner' Keltner: Another one of the Anime Expo crew that I've known for a while. Kent has a great sense of humor (hey, he likes Red Dwarf!)

Alain 'ILM' Hoang: I met Alain a long time ago at AX92 and we started talking a lot on line at the beginning of this summer (and now a lot on the phone). Here's a glimpse into his twisted mind.

Keith 'PCKitsune' Rhee: Keith and I 'met' when we started work on AMPlus . And now I talk to him more often than I do most of my friends here in town, due party to our collaborative efforts on EX. Although our opinions differ sometimes--ok, quite often (I mean, the guy doesn't like ChaCha!--we're still really good friends.

Albert "JudgeFedd" Wong: This year's AX Chair. Also known as Mr. Surly--if you talk to him, you'll see why. But beneath his surliness lies an even more surly layer that is much thicker than the first! :)

Scott Frazier. Someone who's even weirder than I am. Check out his rant section for some hysterical musings on the human condition. [Ask him about MODOK!]

Ken "Tenchi" Kindsfater>. The one with all the money and no time. I think the reason he has more money than anyone else is that he's always at work.

Taku "Teto" Otsuka. I used to think he was awfully quiet. Now I don't think so anymore. He puts up with a lot of teasing from me, but he also gives as good as he gets. He finally put up his home page, at least in part because of this.

Dickinson "Chico" Lo. This guy has too many nicknames and too much free time. But he's fun to be around, mostly because he's so good-natured and easy-going.

And, of course, I have a number of friends who don't have homepages, but let's not go there... :)

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