Captain Synopsis...

"Fighting for Truth in Anime Synopses."

Who is the Mysterious Captain Synopsis?

In reality (surely you've heard of it?), Captain Synopsis is the editor of The Anime Reference Guide, a publication of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (the fine people who bring you Anime Expo every year). The Anime Reference Guide (or ARG, as we affectionately--and sometimes not-so-affectionately--call it) is a collection of synopses of anime shows, ovas, and films. Every year staff members labor under grueling sweatshop conditions to bring a teeny tiny bit of joy into the otherwise dismal lives of anime fans.

Captain Synopsis is the chief writer and the editor for this stellar publication (available at fine Japanese animation outlets and comic books shops everywhere), and is currently embarking on his fifth year on the ARG. As a result, sometimes he acts just a little bit weird, and some pretty strange things result. Witness:

The AX-Men

Parodying both the people involved in Anime Expo and everyone's favorite angst-ridden mutants. (WARNING: This is probably not going to be funny unless you know the people involved).

Anime Picks

Since ostensibly this is a page having something to do with anime, at some point I will recommend favorite series and videos. However, as most of my free time is taken up by EX at the moment, I suggest you take a look at the offerings there.

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