Welcome to Ryoohki's Extreme Vacation Site! This non-profit REAL-LIFE photo archive is dedicated to all anime fans of Pioneer LDCA's pioneering anime fuzzle, Ryoohki. Please bookmark or add to your favorites menu as this archive is updated every time Ryoohki wanders out of the house, which is quite often. Unfortunately, we do not sell any Ryoohki dolls from here, nor do we even know what dealer might be currently selling them. Chances are, though, you'll most likely find one at Anime Expo's Exhibit Hall. Like what you see here? All images are copyright free and are completely original. Comments and suggestions as well as your own great pictures or links to your great Ryoohki website are very welcome!

OK, enough with the chatter, VACATION starts now! Let's go!

Ryoohki's Vacation at Asilimar Beach!
Ryoohki's Vacation at Discovery Museum!
Ryoohki's Halloween Vacation!
Ryoohki's Vacation in Las Vegas!
Ryoohki's Dude Max!
Ryoohki's Miscellaneous Trips!
Ryoohki's Personal Photos!
Ryoohki's Vacation at Technology Museum!
Ryoohki's Vacation with various Vehicles!
Ryoohki's Vacation at Winchester Mystery House!
Ryoohki's Vacation at CES in Las Vegas!

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