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There Are More of Us Than You Think...

I created this page way back in 1996, when relatively few people even knew what a Web page was. I decided to call it the Official Kasprzak Page, because a) I felt like it and b) no one else had made one as far as I know.

Since the page was created, I've gotten the occasional piece of mail from people named Kasprzak asking "Are we related?" For the most part, the honest answer has to be "I really don't know." Kasprzak is a fairly common Polish name, and in any area with a sizable Polish population, you're likely to run into at least one Kasprzak family.

How Do You Pronounce That?

Those people not lucky enough to bear the name of Kasprzak often have trouble pronouncing it. There are two generally accepted correct pronunciations, the original Polish, and the one that is commonly used by English-speakers.

The Polish Pronunciation: "KASP-shak", with both of the a's pronounced broadly as in the word "father".

The English Pronunciation: "KAS-per-zak", with both of the a's short as in the word "cat". This is how I've always said it, being a third-generation American who grew up speaking no Polish.

The Kasprzak Links

Genealogy Sites

In the years since I created this page, several genealogical information companies have opened up Web sites. These are probably the best place to post all those "are we related" messages, because I'm just one person and I'm not in touch with every Kasprzak in the world! I recommend and for starters. For Kasprzak information, try the following links:

The Kasprzaks of Worcester -- my personal site at, including an interactive family tree.

Kasprzak Family Genealogy Forum at

Kasprzak Family Message Board at This has more entries than the above.

Personal Web Sites

We Kasprzaks sure do get around, and if I may say so, tend to lead very interesting lives. In the process of gathering other names and addresses for this page, I've found Kasprzaks from all over the world and many different walks of life. I've organized the Web pages by geographic origin.

United States

Mark Kasprzak, the Uberkaz: formerly a student at Oswego, now a network analyst in upstate New York.

Kasprzak Condominiums: builders of homes in Maine, founded by Stephen Kasprzak.

Wojciech Kasprzak: a computer scientist working for the Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology in Maryland.

Joan C. Kasprzak: an artist working at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Virginia.

Edward Kasprzak: (no relation to my father) a mechanical engineering student in Buffalo, NY.

Jim Kasprzak: No, not me, the other one. This gentleman is a professor of Systems Management at the National Defense University.

Maryann Kasprzak: a youth program coordinator for the 4-H organization in New Hampshire.

Christine Kasprzak Schmitt: graduated from Maryvale High School in Cheektowaga, NY in 1964; this page contains some high school reunion photographs.

Don Kasprzak: Runs panaround, an interactive web content creative company in Milwaukee. Also teaches in continuing education programs in the Milwaukee area.

Stephen Kasprzak: an actor at the 13th Street Repertory Company in New York City.

Michael Kasprzak: a director of child care in Washington state.

Craig Kasprzak: My cousin! A Ph.D. student in English literature at Boston College.

Susan L. Kasprzak: served a few terms in the Maine State House of Representatives.


Michelle Kasprzak: This is the home page of Michelle Kasprzak, a Canadian artist who works in performance, video, photography, and electronics.

Susan Kasprzak: does something that I can't quite understand for the University of Alberta .

Gilles Kasprzak: a radio and television producer in Montreal.


 Andre Kasprzak: a member of the German heavy metal band Days of Triumph. an amusing site created by Adrian Kasprzak. More amusing if you can read German, of course.

Czech Republic

Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak: the Czech Linux deity.


Wlodzimierz Kasprzak: a Polish computer science professor, formerly working in Japan, now at the University of Warszawa. not much info here, and what little there is is in Polish.

Tadeusz Kasprzak: a professor of economics in Warszawa.

Michal Kasprzak: seems to be studying and/or teaching chemistry at the University of Lodz.

Marta Kasprzak: a computer scientist at the University of Poznan.

Anna Kasprzak: a female pugilist from Poland.

Kazimierz S. Kasprzak: a research chemist at the University of Poznan.


Your Name Here

If you're a Kasprzak and would like to be included on this page, or if you know of another Kasprzak link, please e-mail me.

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