Arsy's Niche


Birthday: March 2, 1999
Adopted : June 26, 1999
Sex : Female

Weight when adopted: 2.5 pounds or so
Length when adopted: about 24" (hard to measure)

At 6 months:
Weight : 6 pounds
Stands : 28" (when on hind legs)
Outgrew 10" harness

Likes (food) : peas, carrots, beans, rice, doritos
Likes (activities) : hide-n-seek, running around like crazy for no
apparent reason, chewing on paper, watching the planes
go by, playing with lego bags
Dislikes : Being held, having tummy touched, getting soaked
Things learned : Wearing a harness, correct scratching post ettiquette
jumping through a hoop, how to carry on intelligent banter on irc

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